Process equipment for environmental protection and research

Oy SIRRA Ab is a research and development company that works in the field of chemical technology. We also supply small scale process equipment for:

  • Research and development
  • Environmental protection
  • Small scale production
  • Education

We develop new chemical processes, improve old ones, solve process problems, and carry out test runs with pilot plants that we construct ourselves.

We supply equipment to industry bodies, as well as to research facilities and private customers.

Have you got a problem with harmful gases bubbling from your chemical tank? Do you need the equipment to reduce a hazardous discharge? Are you planning the production of something to a small scale? Have you got a great idea, but hesitate to set it running in fear that it may become too expensive for your business, or that the venture may fail?

Call or send us an email. We can think it over together and see if we can find a useful solution.